We use state-of-the-art computers and technology that help students learn more effectively.

  • Our students have extensive opportunities to use computers, including in both the classroom as well as in a refurbished computer lab.
  • Our students also receive computer instruction directly from a talented teacher, who works with classroom teachers to integrate computer instruction into the general curriculum. For example, students use computers extensively in our science program to aid in conducting and documenting experiments. Classes also have the opportunity for learning through interactive whiteboard technologies.
  • Special software is available to assist teachers in meeting the individual learning needs of students in both math and science.
  • The school has recently acquired new laptops and computers to update our technology-based learning. We now have the technology to have laptops serving in each classroom.
  • Our school participated in the Chicago Bulls “Read to Achieve Program” in 2009. As part of that program, our school received an impressive green reading and technology room, equipped with hundreds of new books, computers, comfortable furniture, and various souvenirs from the Chicago Bulls.

“I like using the computers in my classes at Pope John Paul II. It makes learning more fun, and the technology helps me learn difficult concepts better.”

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